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I'm amazed at how much weight I can lose eating meat and vegetables.

There isn't a cure-all magic bullet, though, which is why the folks on this thread who have lost a bunch of weight all seemingly did something different. For me, cheat days were an exercise in anxiety because I held off eating things that I liked all week and went berserk on Saturdays. After my furlough, I went back to torturing myself. Instead, I found that not sweating small stuff- like using a small amount of honey in a BBQ sauce once or twice a week or not agonizing over the peanut oil used to fry naked chicken wings was the easier route.

I've found that sticking to a meat, fruit, vegetable, and dairy diet wasn't too hard. I limited sugar, but didn't cut it out 100%. Turns out, I need a sweetener once a week, if that. At that usage rate, it wasn't a thing. So, ribs with a salad and a side of vegetables (like brussel sprouts with bacon and butter) was inline with my weight loss plan. At least, I kept losing weight.
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