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I also believe in K.I.S.S

I cook on a Kamado Joe, and here it is.

I get the temp stable at 260f +/-
rub brisket with salt/pepper sometimes I add a little garlic powder
put brisket on ( I only cook whole packers )
I dont wrap
At 195 IT I start checking for "probe tender" I just pick that temp as a starting point. Dont cook by the IT of the meat.
Once probe tender, I take off wrap in foil, add some worcestershire sauce, a little water, and put in a cooler for about an hour. Maybe 1/2 cup of liquid is added before wrapping.
I have liked every one of the briskets, and my family has as well.

I did a coffee rub once. It was good, but not the same, so I havent done it again.
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