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Originally Posted by crb478 View Post
Have you tried Restaurant Depot in Charlotte? They have them frequently for less than what you have been paying, and if you buy in bulk the price drops even more. They should not be too far away from you if you are in Marion you can take 485 to Wilkinson and get there in about 45 minutes. You will need a membership, but you can probably get day passes.
Yep, I love me some Restaurant Depot. That's where I got the beef ribs I posted a while back. Nearly got frost bite circling around that joint. LOL!!

It's fascinating to hear the differences in pork prices around the country. Here in NC you'd think the prices were universally lower just like beef is in Texas...but nope. It's also interesting that I can get spares already cut to st louis on sale from time to time for around 1.68/lb which is the current "sale" price for pork butt on average......however the folks in Raleigh are telling me they get .99/lb pork butt and much much higher spare rib prices.

Oh well.....I reckon we all have to ride whatever wave they send our way. Just had to see if anyone else was refraining from buying pork butt because 2.99/lb isn't rare here. That's not "a couple bucks". For a cryo pack of 18lbs that's over 30 bucks. Even at 1.78/lb it's over 9 bucks(all compared to the 1.28/lb I just got). Heck that's a decent steak I'm missing out on.

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