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Originally Posted by lantern View Post
I love cooking....I love bbq..and more to the point I love pork bbq and a good pork bbq sammich(in NC its just called bbq sammich).

HOWEVER, over the last several months the price of untreated natural pork butts, even at Sams, has been no lower than $1.68/lb and has sit over $2+ for the most part. I refuse to pay those prices as it defeats the whole idea of bbq to me when I can by ribs for less per pound and brisket for 20 cents more per pound. my hiatus is over my friends!!! It may not be .99 a pound but I got two natural butts in the cryo for $1.28/lb. And lemme tell ya I'm excited.

But, it got me to thinkin'. Has anyone else been either going without pork butts or at least smoking other meats more often due to the prices being closer???

.......Oh and butts go on in the next couple days. Pics shall follow.
Have you tried Restaurant Depot in Charlotte? They have them frequently for less than what you have been paying, and if you buy in bulk the price drops even more. They should not be too far away from you if you are in Marion you can take 485 to Wilkinson and get there in about 45 minutes. You will need a membership, but you can probably get day passes.
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