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The pork butt I got last week was $1.69/lb at Jewel (local chain, part of Albertsons). Decent butcher shop depending on who is working.

I also just saw the weekly ad from a local high end grocer (like the kind of place that can tell you the name of farmer, the last meal the pig ate and what the weather was like on the day it was born) with a "sale" on shoulders for $2.99/lb, normally $3.99/lb.

I have had a few ribeyes from the high end place, and they really are worth the extra money. Anyone have any thoughts on what kind of difference that might have in a more slow cooking process like pulled pork? Seems less likely to make a noticeable difference than a medium-rare steak, but just curious. I was plenty happy with the $1.69/lb butt I just had...
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