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Originally Posted by SmittyJonz View Post
Looks Nice even tho the firebox is on the wrong side.... What size is it?
Craig Bell built this smoker backwards I guess.

It's a 30" diameter cooking chamber 4 foot long, with a 24" diameter firebox 2 foot long. Both pieces of pipe are 3/8" thick. It's got one large pull out tray for the main, and a half depth full width upper tray. The vent/ash cleanout below the firebox is something he does and it worked pretty well on my first smoke. It's got a butterfly vent on the end also.

All in all I've been pretty happy with it so far. It runs hotter on the end toward the stack past the deflector plate, so that's where I put the 10 lb turkey breast and cooked the 6 racks of ribs toward the cooler firebox side. I'm thinking of adding some kind of plate, maybe with holes to get the heat a little more even and possible shift the hot area a little farther toward the stack. The deflection plate is 19" long, made me feel like I had to keep all the ribs on that side to keep them from getting in the hotter zone.

Anyway, gives me something to work on. It was much easier than my old Bandera as far as fire control. Got to actually burn some wood and didn't have to keep as close an eye on the heat as it ran constant for quite a while comparatively.

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