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Default Building Own Smoker & Have Questions

For Christmas I got everything that I need to build my own custom smoker trailer. I am going to use an 80 Gal. air compressor tank for the smoker part. Primarily I smoke pulled pork and ribs, but I also want to do a small hog and brisket. I am kind of up in the air about design. I am leaning towards the reverse flow design but my question is, can you build a fire in the grill part at all? I like to sere my ribs before smoking them, can that be done on this design. Also how hot do these grills get on average? I am trying to decide if I need to attach another offset grill or just a grill onto the small trailer for sereing the meat and also just grilling or if I need to smoke something at 350-450 degrees. Thank you for any help or insight you guys can give me.
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