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Originally Posted by SigSauerNY View Post
I have a 180 gallon stick burner now.

This is for larger events and catering, I don't mind the extra fuel however I can't imagine that the 108 is using that much more than a 84, according to Ben it's great (granted he's selling em)

I don't mind watching a fire, I enjoy it and feel its a better flavor and provides a certain authenticity to my product, not that gravity fed or pellet fed systems are not heck I might even buy one eventually for sleep, buti, still young and wanna grow and learn and then laugh about it one day.

I have no problem going with jj pits, gator, klose, etc but that extra 4k is brisket money and I have truckers going to and from my home in FL and NY who can detour and deliver for $100 tip.

I'm more concerned with the temps and reliability of a Meadow creek compared to lang, they have pretty nice craftsmanship and attention to detail which I like.

But everyone swears by a Lang and with my $$ I really want something I'm gonna grow into, not go crazy learning the pit, and looks nice enough to market itself.

Just my thoughts and I still wanna hear yours.

Btw I do kosher bbq, beef and chicken etc (no pork sorry)
Let me offer you this - consider a Meadow Creek Ts-250 with 1 (or possible 2) PR42 chicken cookers on the front of the trailer. You can crank out an amazing amount of chicken with a PR 42 in a short period of time.

One other though about Meadow Creek vs Lang since you are in NY. Meadow Creek isn't that far from you in case you have an issue or want mods done.

If you aren't in too much of a hurry consider driving down to the Meadow Creek open house in April and attend the auction. Lots of cookers go on the block there,
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