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I have a 180 gallon stick burner now.

This is for larger events and catering, I don't mind the extra fuel however I can't imagine that the 108 is using that much more than a 84, according to Ben it's great (granted he's selling em)

I don't mind watching a fire, I enjoy it and feel its a better flavor and provides a certain authenticity to my product, not that gravity fed or pellet fed systems are not heck I might even buy one eventually for sleep, buti, still young and wanna grow and learn and then laugh about it one day.

I have no problem going with jj pits, gator, klose, etc but that extra 4k is brisket money and I have truckers going to and from my home in FL and NY who can detour and deliver for $100 tip.

I'm more concerned with the temps and reliability of a Meadow creek compared to lang, they have pretty nice craftsmanship and attention to detail which I like.

But everyone swears by a Lang and with my $$ I really want something I'm gonna grow into, not go crazy learning the pit, and looks nice enough to market itself.

Just my thoughts and I still wanna hear yours.

Btw I do kosher bbq, beef and chicken etc (no pork sorry)
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