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Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
Here's the problem I have cooking packers at those higher temps. I have problems with the end of the flat and about two to three inches in overcooking and turning hard as a rock. How do I keep from that happening and still cooking at those higher temps?
Originally Posted by trufunk View Post
Donnie, I have seen that video before...after you wrap do you place back on the smoker fat up or down the rest of the way till probe tender?
Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
Don't buy packers with thin tails if it is less than 1" either leave it or buy it and trim it. Cook that part too just pull it a little early I'm thinkin Chili here...
Bama.. You can do what blue dawg says.... Or... Somewhere I saw.. That guy who cooks like me... Uh Aaron Franklin... I thought I saw him either trim this off before or after... But I never do as I have incredibly long rest periods... Aaron also does this as well as the Meccas of brisket. Also... When I'm not using paper I use the industrial wrap too. Trufunk... Fat up. Fat down (depending on gear) to cook, fat up to rest. Unless I am using the banking method. Also... The meat mama it does not matter so I put it up in that. The bravos vintage Klose pit and UDS it's fat down.

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