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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Bigjohnb20 View Post
Thats pretty crazy. I posted in your other thread how I was having issues with my maverick over NYE in some super sub zero temps. First I lost the display, then it eventually just stopped sending all together. Sounds like you got an advantage of being able to put in inside your insulation there. I didn't have an option like that.

Be watching to see how this turns out. Its -20F here now with windchills as well. They canceled work and Im NOT going outside again. Took the dog around the block was quite enough.
Yea Bob i just used the clip on the back of the transmitter and hung it on my reflectix sleeve...but facing inward.

Initially i had it facing outward but that's when it froze up. Facing it in there was enough heat to make it work. That reflectix sleeve is amazing.
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