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Default Brisket Success Rate Up to 50%

I'm now 2 for 4 on briskets. The first one I ever made was dumb luck as I didn't completely know what I was doing and cooked to a temp rather than probe tenderness, yet still managed a pretty good brisket.

The next two I had a dangerous blend of irrational confidence, blissful ignorance, and knowing just enough to get myself in trouble.

I had been doing more reading, though, and yesterday I applied that knowledge and assumed nothing. I did a terrible job capturing the process, so you'll only get the two pictures, but it turned out great. It could have been a tad more moist, but that is being picky, as it was quite good.

I learned a lot from this thread about just what I was cooking and how to identify the parts of the brisket.

You can see in the "before" picture where I placed a couple of toothpicks. I did this to identify the general region where I would be checking for probe tenderness, since I'm still learning briskets. The rub was mainly salt and pepper, with a light sprinkling of garlic powder and Montreal steak seasoning.

I can do better, I know, but I can do (and have done) significantly worse:

Right as it went it:

The one picture I thought of taking after we had started cutting in to it:

Lots of good info on this board. I'm no expert, but after doing some reading here and having this successful cook, I've at least talked myself back from the edge when it comes to doing brisket.

Thanks for looking.
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