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Default New Cooker Help Lang Vs Meadow Creek

Looking for something I can grow into and spend the extra couple grand now then in a couple months need something larger and I'm looking at another $$.

I'm between Lang and Meadow Creek budget is 10k. If it's less I'm not complaining.

I do mainly Texas style bbq and beef dominates my cooker. 14-16# briskets! chuck roast, Dino ribs! whole chickens, etc

I cook in all weather so I like Meadow creeks insulated option.

Need something with temp consistency and hopefully not a fuel hog.

Was thinking lang 108 or ts250 or ts500 however I'm hearing a lot about temp fluctuations from side to side. Then got to thinking about dual lang 84s.

I like loading and not looking, spray here and there, but close and cook.

Anyone cook on a 108 / ts250 / ts500 and have temp issues or problems like I'm reading online

Greatly appreciate feedback
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