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Originally Posted by Ruger410 View Post
Hey yall I hope all of yall are having a relaxing Sunday. Well I'm finally ordering my first smoker today ,I am ordering the 22.5 WSM ,maverick et732 a weber chimney starter and a bag of weber apple wood chunks. Before I place my order I wanted to check with you guys\gals at the brethren. Anything else I should get?
I recently got my first smoker, and got a similar starter pack of goodies to what you're listing - weber chimney (I got the little one, as someone else mentioned, which is great for the minion method), and I got some weber brand applewood chunks, which were pretty nice.

I agree with using the starter cubes - my wife gave them to me, and I wasn't sure, but they made lighting so much easier, especially on a cold/windy day.

The only other thing you didn't mention, and I'm not sure anyone else did, is a set of gloves. I have a pair of welders gloves, which are great for handling the grill, chimney, etc without worrying about burning myself.

I'm by no means an expert with one single pork butt under my belt so far, but the welders gloves seem like a must-have to me.

Also, for the charcoal, I got some Royal Oak lump charcoal at my local Home Depot, and it was great - burned evenly for a long time, lit easily, no weird flavors/smells like some briquettes will have - and it wasn't super expensive either.
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