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Talking POLL: Marinated Brisket For The GB/SF Game - Kiss It With Smoke -or- Cook In Oven?

Here is the situation, its going to be colder at my house than it will be at the game this afternoon. Mrs ~t~ bought a 6.5 pound choice flat, and found a couple of oven recipes that called for seasoning and marinating overnight, then braising (covered) in some of the reserved marinade. The one she selected has, for the most part, a lot of ingredients associated with brisket.... either in a dry rub or mop. Salt, pepper, cayenne, onion, garlic, soy sauce, Wooster, cider vinegar.... and a little Liquid Smoke It has been marinating all night long.

Currently the temp is -8°F at the house of ~thirdeye~, the game starts in roughly 7 hours. I have a BGE and no problem with winter smoking.

So, what would y'all do? I need to get a game plan in the next couple of hours.

A. Roll with Mrs ~t's strategy and stick to the oven the whole time. (I only do one or two oven briskets a year, they are always good).

B. Intercept the ball and start it off on the smoker, then wrap with the reserved marinade and do an oven finish until tender. (I will smoke 7 to 10 briskets a year, they are always good too).

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