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Default Never made this before!

Official Entry..

My wife loves to make this because its easy (Mabbq).

I cooked a prime brisket yesterday and asked her if she could put this together but instead of using hamburger lets put brisket in there and see how it turns out.


Ingredients to go into a crockpot. Yes, I said it. Crockpot..

After it slow cooked a few hours I put some chips in the bottom of a bowl.

Put the stew/chili/taco soup/ whatever you want to call it in the bowl and added some cheese on top.

Then added some Louisiana GOLD pepper sauce I got from Toast to complement it while I watched the Saints Football game.

The end result was amazing. The smoke flavor from the brisket really took this meal to another level. Loved this cook and will be doing this again real soon!

Money shot please!

Thanks for looking.
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