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Adopt Sous Vide theory to Low & Slow smoking.

In Sous Vide, you heat meat at 130 to 140F for long hours, say 12 to 72 hours.
But in traditional Low & Slow Smoking, you heat meat to internal temp. to as high as 210F, then foil the meat and place in a cooler box.
140F can make meat much tender.
Why do not smoke meat at 140 F for long hours.
Answer is that you can not keep meat at 140F for 12 to 72 hours by your smoker.
So far all smokers can only control temp. of smoker itself.
Most temperature controllers can only "TELL" internal Temp. of meat, but can not control IT.
NOW situation is changed.
By QMaster-Senior, you can keep meat internal temp. at 140F for 10 hours or more in your smoker. You can set pit temp.(SC1) at 225F, and meat temp. (P1) at 140F, and when Internal Temp of meat reaches to 140F(P1), the Senior will hold the meat at 140F for 600 minutes(T1).
SC1, P1,T1 can be programmed by yourself.

Trust me. It is another revolution on BBQ history.
Hope you and me are pioneers in new Double Low&Slow Smoking.
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