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Talking Custom Assassin 28 Smoker Delivered - It's Bad A$$!

Two hours into my delivery window I hear the rumble of a diesel! The custom Assassin 28 I ordered a couple of weeks ago has arrived. This was a unit that unfortunately the person who ordered it could not complete the purchase due to a family emergency. I had just lost my very close uncle two days prior and bought this to cheer me up. I will be naming the Assassin 28 "Clyde" in my Uncle's memory.

So what did I get?
  • Assassin 28
  • Six Shelves
  • Firebox Rain Drip Edge
  • Rounded Diamond Plate
  • DigiQ DX2 (Not Using)
  • Fitted Cover
  • Controlled by Stoker Wifi (From Rock's BBQ)

I want to thank Jeff and Robin for outstanding service. They run a great company and the quality, craftsmanship, customer service and heck, even the crating is outstanding. I can't find a single fault from start to finish, and I'm a picky SOB. I also want to thank "dobdabomb" because it's his thread and his custom configuration that sold me!

So let's check this bad boy out. I know, another Assassin thread. :)


Yes, I have a forklift in a very residential area and I love it. My neighbors, probably not so much.

Removing from Pallet (Who says an "IT" geek can't run a forklift):

Cleaned Interior and Racks + Two cans of Canola oil + Stoker Wifi:

Loaded with Royal Oak Lump (plus apple, oak, cherry and hickory chunks - why not) - Fire In The Hole!!!:

Geeky Stuff - Stoker-Web (Also has an Android app which connects to my Stoker-Web server):

The dip was caused by me screwing with Stoker-Web. It came right up to 300 degrees in about 25 minutes and set in nice and solid.... until I opened the firebox door. Gotta learn the hard way, that's my style. I'm impressed how quickly it came up to temp, and the awesome thing is... the outside is cool to the touch at 300 degrees.

Who knows, maybe I'll cook something tonight/overnight Worst case, it will be tomorrow afternoon/evening. I have an 8lb butt in the fridge. However I'm leaving first thing in the morning to go pick up a Lang 36. So there will be another thread a coming, when I get the third of the three stooges home and on the patio. :)

Today was a good day.
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