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Ditch the probe thermometers and you will have more successful brisket (probably better pulled pork too). Cooking brisket by temp will just mess with you. It is never the same. I say again, it is never the same. The cooking time will always vary, the thermometers will just deceive you. Don't pull until the thickest part of the flat is probe tender. Push a probe, chopstick, whatever, into the thickest part of the flat. If it doesn't go in without resistance, it is not done. If it starts getting too dark you can wrap it in butcher paper to hold the color.

Once you pull it let it rest on your counter top for at least an hour (if you want to use a thermometer now you can, but I usually don't. Rest until the temp comes down to about 180 degrees).

Search this site with the words "probe tender brisket" and you will get a whole, whole, lot of threads on this method if you want more details.
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