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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by fantomlord View Post
Looks good! Now, if you can just get ahold of some springbok, you'll really be in business...I spent about a month in South Africa around a lifetime ago and almost all of the biltong we ate was made from springbok...and it was really good
That would be great huh? Sprinkbok is popular along with kudu. Friends we stayed with in Namibia would make it out of hartebeest and zebra as well. The last time I was in Africa was in Zambia and we were hunting lechwe out of a makeshift camp we set up in the middle of nowhere. When the first lechwe was killed the PH ordered the cook to slice the backstrap into strips, crush up some coriander seeds and make it into biltong. He simply slung the strips over some bushes on the edge of camp and we were eating it within a few days.
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