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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
Oh I see. Here is the answer.

He admits he has no experience... Like I did when I was spouting my bull**** before I got one, and when he had access to one... Lol... He could not get it to work right.

Oh yeah... And his friends don't listen to him either.

Now about me as a monk.. He has that right. My membership here under this name and barbefunkoramaque had been one long fark job... One loooooong troll set up. You have all been part of the ruse. I was planing this even before Noah thought of this.

Now... I think all his defense of the product is worth a five pound bag of Noah's rub. How's that for spam?

Did you actually read what I wrote? the part where I spent two weekends helping my friend learn how to use his 30 gallon drum smoker with added rebar?

The problem he was having was figuring out how to make brisket like I did, how I do it on my uds is get the smoker running at 275-300, put on the meat with a probe in it, I check it after 3-4 hours or when the temp hits a stall to see if the bark is looking good, then I wrap it in butcher paper and give it another hour or so and start probing, and then it gets to rest on the counter for 30-40 minutes or in a cooler for 3-4 hours depending on the day and how fast it cooks / scheduling.

So I walked him through my method and then he bought a "pbc"/30 gallon UDS, and he misjudged the grate size, he figured he could just do a brisket on the grate, but his brisket was as big as the grate, so he called me and we hung it and cooked it.

Cooking on a grate it is easy to wrap the meat, I put some paper next to the hunk of meat, slide the meat on top, wrap and close the lid.

but with the brisket hanging I have to remove the meat using the hooks, lay it down on something like a cookie sheet, wrap it, re-hook it, and return it, I think it is more awkward than it needs to be, unless you have no space for a full size drum I just don't see the reason to make things harder than they need to be.

Like I said the results were decent, it is of course a drum just like mine, only smaller and with rebar, I just don't think it is beginner friendly, and I don't know why an "expert" would want to buy a pre built UDS
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