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Oh I see. Here is the answer.

He admits he has no experience... Like I did when I was spouting my bull**** before I got one, and when he had access to one... Lol... He could not get it to work right.

Oh yeah... And his friends don't listen to him either.

Now about me as a monk.. He has that right. My membership here under this name and barbefunkoramaque had been one long fark job... One loooooong troll set up. You have all been part of the ruse. I was planing this even before Noah thought of this.

Now... I think all his defense of the product is worth a five pound bag of Noah's rub. How's that for spam?

Originally Posted by Arristillius View Post
Because money donated and signatures mean everything? How much one spends posting here as in post counts doesn't translate to real world anything FYI

My experience with the pbc comes from being in the Portland area where craigslist is spammed regularly so that I can't look for uds parts without stumbling on the ad.

I am about to start on uds number five because my neighbors or friends experience the food I Cook on it and want one. So I sell mine for cost of parts and build another.

Going the cheapest easiest fool proof uds is 178 for the bps kit and 20-30 for a barrel. With a weed burner and a $10 can of BBQ paint you have a uds in 2-4 hours.

One of my friends didn't ask much about the smoker I was using aside from asking how I seasoned and cooked the brisket.. He went on craigslist and bought a pbc.

I spent two weekends helping him learn on it being as he is completely new to slower cooking he didn't like the air intake setup that assumed everything is cooked at the same temp. And I don't blame him for that. I still can't decide if low and slow or hot and fast is the best so I do both... I Cook chicken hot and brisket not so hot, running a maverick in the pbc with a probe hanging on a hook he got temps between 275-350 depending on the day and the wind maybe, of course he is convinced by his family that low and slow is gold. So every Cook involves adjusting the pit and as a result it sits unused, sure he could ignore pit temp and guess but I personally think ignoring variables leads to unpredictable results.

now I preface every discussion about BBQ and how I Cook it by warning against the pbc before they find it on their own.

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