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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
I just when it when these guys come in and start the whole process again, thereby selling more PBCs in the process. This guy speaks about the PBCS the same way other novices do. They either tried one and can't cook worth a chit onit because their talent is limited, or they are armchair theorists who dream of how it MIGHT work and what might go wrong. The guy delineating the difference between a pit and a cooker is about as silly too. Look as many know I hated this thing when it came out and theorized just like the other morons that it was or was not like the UDS.. Which is a silly argument too. And I used to make it.

Now everyone if you see my films can see I was impressed with what it could do. Any limitations it had I OVERCAME BECAUSE I AM A PIT... MASTER!!!!

it's is what we do... We cook meat. It's about the meat. The equipment matters not.

I can tell you one thing my UDS couldn't do... One.. Unless I mod it to BE a PBC, IT CANNOT cook the three racks of ribs, six chickens and 14 tenderloins and six links sausage I did for a little supper at my moms house. I staggered those puppies over a mere 5 hours and was relaxed, visited, didn't worry about nothin as it cooked. AND MY UDS WON'T FIT IN A CAR TRUNK.

Look I don't care if people buy the PBC... I just want more people like this guy to chime in.. Get everyone pissy... Then pounce on everyone's pig pile so more get sold.

The PBC IS ALSO I curse. One can see in my video UNDERTAKER I am making that message when I flood the PBC WITH 3000 gallons of water.
I suppose some of us will never get it. All i know is it's a 30 gallon UDS and you can make one to hang meat if you wish....all for a fraction of the price and the one you make can have so much more.. I.e temp control and grill and sear
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