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Originally Posted by Arristillius View Post
For me the money isn't the issue, the $269 may be a fair price, but I don't consider the Pit-barrel Cooker to be on par with other pits offered around that price point, the air-vent setup that isn't designed to be altered on a per cook basis is only one of my complaints, but I could live with that if it wasn't for the hanging setup.

the hook system at first glance seams like a novel way to solve the limited space available in the smaller barrel, but how do you probe to see if a brisket is done without burning yourself? do you take out the whole brisket, probe and return? a few times I Have over cooked and had a brisket falling apart while coming off the grate, how would that work on hooks?

One method is to use a maverick probe stick it in the meat, stick in the hooks and hang it and then just go off temp or time, but with the meat hanging I can't probe it easily, and I can't see if its done, as I don't go by temp and time, the briskets my friend has cooked with my assistance have been decent but not awesome and it is a pain to take stuff off, wrap it, hang it and return it if you wanted to wrap, and I generally get the best results from a brisket wrapped when the bark is good, with the meat hanging it is hard to even see the bark to judge.

Having now cooked on both I wouldn't wish a PBC on anyone, unless it was a second cooker for an experienced cook, of course this is just my opinion.

If you must have a pre-built cooker because you can't build a UDS, why not put an extra 40 bucks in and get a WSM 18.5 inch, especially if it is your first cooker, and you are new to bbq.

You would gain a temp gauge, multiple grate levels, and adjustable temp. and a design that is actually friendly to a new cook.

It's aimed for a set it and forget it ONLY IF you want it to. I myself play with the air intake to adjust according to my cooks. So you def can mess with it and control or change your temps. I know it's not as big as a 30 gal drum but it's plenty even for large parties I've hosted.

BTW I ran it for close to 8 hours on one load. Long enough?? I think so. Limitations? hahaa

Where there is a will there is a way. I use a themapen with gloves to get temps or connect my Maverick or something.

I modded mine with a Thermometer

Here are some of the cooks that I did for example

Still plenty of space left

Hot smoked cured sausage and ham at 180*

I improvised but still

Hot smoked cured ham and bacon at 200*

Turkey and brisket at once


Spatchcocked turkey

18 lbs Riblets and 6lbs chicken all at once


Just in case there is doubt if it cooked

Ground beef kabobs

leg of lamb

You can use the grate if you want as well or get crafty and install another grate like a UDS. Just sayin

yada yada yada.... You get the pic

Forgot the briskie ane chix pics
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