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Originally Posted by ssv3 View Post

$269 is a good price considering the guy is running a BUSINESS and not a Charity. The guy has expenses obviously. So next time you go to buy something ask the guy to give a product at cost.
For me the money isn't the issue, the $269 may be a fair price, but I don't consider the Pit-barrel Cooker to be on par with other pits offered around that price point, the air-vent setup that isn't designed to be altered on a per cook basis is only one of my complaints, but I could live with that if it wasn't for the hanging setup.

the hook system at first glance seams like a novel way to solve the limited space available in the smaller barrel, but how do you probe to see if a brisket is done without burning yourself? do you take out the whole brisket, probe and return? a few times I Have over cooked and had a brisket falling apart while coming off the grate, how would that work on hooks?

One method is to use a maverick probe stick it in the meat, stick in the hooks and hang it and then just go off temp or time, but with the meat hanging I can't probe it easily, and I can't see if its done, as I don't go by temp and time, the briskets my friend has cooked with my assistance have been decent but not awesome and it is a pain to take stuff off, wrap it, hang it and return it if you wanted to wrap, and I generally get the best results from a brisket wrapped when the bark is good, with the meat hanging it is hard to even see the bark to judge.

Having now cooked on both I wouldn't wish a PBC on anyone, unless it was a second cooker for an experienced cook, of course this is just my opinion.

If you must have a pre-built cooker because you can't build a UDS, why not put an extra 40 bucks in and get a WSM 18.5 inch, especially if it is your first cooker, and you are new to bbq.

You would gain a temp gauge, multiple grate levels, and adjustable temp. and a design that is actually friendly to a new cook.
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