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O.K. with it being 10 to 12 degrees out, 10 to 20 MPH winds, single digit temps and snowin. I tested my latest mods to my UDS. Directed intake, dome lid, trying to hit 700+ degrees to do alfredo pizza's. 10 minutes in I was about 600 at the dome, I reinstalled the 2 stand pipes which brought the temp down to 550 ish stable. Removed the stand pipes, temp was just over 600 degrees when I removed the lid to put the first pizza on. I had a deflector plate 18 inch above the coal basket. Once I removed the lid the temp dropped to 450 and came back up to 550ish. Cooked 2 pizza's ( first one went by by before I got the second one done and could get a photo).

With warmer temps, I should be able to maintain over 650 I hope with these mods. The extra hole in the lid ( required for high temp cooking) is 3 3/8 with a coffee can stack I set on top to keep the wind from blowing down into the smoker.
Using my original flat lid with a 4 inch hole I could hit 800 degrees in the summer.
007 Stubby UDS wood burning grill. Horizontal drum offset smoker/grill.Vertical cabinet. Mini Wsm. WGA.
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