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Originally Posted by IamMadMan View Post
I will be a new customer to you and I plan on ordering in January for my spring stock after I take inventory.

My last supplier of Blues Hog dropped the ball with customer service. I don't need to spend my money where the supplier feels they are doing me a favor by selling to me. Looking forward to a positive relationship with a supplier again.

Although they cost a little more than quarts (per ounce) the pints fit neatly on my shelves.

I also see you carry Head Country Original, no hot? Can you recommend something close to it in the hot / spicy category?
I feel the same way about the pints but have received a lot of feedback on people wanting quarts, so I will order some. I believe I can get you some Head Country Hot with our next order. That would probably be the end of January. If you can send me an email to with your contact information I will let you know when we get it.
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