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They build a ton of different sizes and styles. The Limo is a double door gravity feed that if memory serves will hold five shelves of three full pans each. I own the original gravity model that is a single door and takes two pans x 5.

I believe you could put 35 butts in mine if they weren't pumped up with injection but it wouldn't be a comfortable fit. Should fit in the Limo easily. Call Scott Smith and ask him any questions you might have - he knows the cookers he builds inside and out. The current placeholder website is being replaced with another that shows all the smoker models, specs etc. after the first of the year.

Scott's team Que'n, Stew'n & Brew'n took 14th in the KCBS ToTY this time around so you can see he cooks constantly and knows what BBQ guys are looking for in their equipment. They also make water pan smokers for the fast and hot crowd if you are into that method. For the money, I think Southern Q delivers excellent value. Some other builders may offer more bling, but for a workhorse smoker Scott's stuff is hard to beat.

Found a photo of the Limo and put it in my Facebook public album here:

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