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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
The FEC run all night with no high temp tripping issues. Last night was the first time that I have tried the cook and hold feature with the meat probe. I had it set so that when the meat internal temp was 195* the cooker would back down to 140* and hot hold for me. I went out at 6am and it was in hot holding mode. About 8am I decided I am very gun shy of the thing right now so I am going to go probe those butts. I checked them and they were not even close to done. I have read nothing nor can I find anywhere I that I need to calibrate the meat probe. I kicked the cooker temp to 325* and at 9am I pulled the butts and tried to have pull the meat and it took force so I pulled it down to smaller chunks and foil wrapped them meat in a pan and kicked the cooker temp to 350* and now I am praying. I have to pull that meat at 10:45am to have time to get to my drop off. This will be my closest call in 4 years in business. I know when I get this thing dialed in that it will be a good cooker but I sure am gun shy right now.
Hold on, let me see if I understand this. You did a probe cook, setting internal meat temp to 195, with a holding temp of 140. At some point in the night the cooker went into hold mode and dropped down to 140. You don't know when this happened, but at 6am when you looked for the first time it was already in holding, and at 8am you probed and the internal on the meat was south of 195.

Well, what I would think happened is, at some point the meat did finish at 195 (which may not have ever been cooked enough for that piece of meat, we know these things are variable) and then at that point it went into hold mode for some unknown amount of hours more than at least 2. Once the temp of the cooker drops below the internal temp of the meat, the meat temps will also drop as the meat will not stay hotter than the oven. After sitting in a 140 oven for a few hours, your meat is now below it's internal high temp of 195.

The hold feature at 140 is meant to keep food above the danger zone, not keep the internal temp of the meat at your set internal temp.

Does this sound plausible?
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