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I go the first model of the Junior, which I guess is a clone of the old Dog model. I set it for 205 F and it went to about 212. Then I raised it to 220 and it has gone to 230F. I expect it to settle down at the 225 mark and stay there, if it's anything like the old one. The Dog used to over shoot also, but settled down quite a bit after I used it a number of times. I like that the Junior has a heavier wire to the fan, and it seems to be more secure on the fan. The plugs are nice, as is the new case. The power input and the fan out put use the same plug, and I wondered if I might do any damage by plugging the power into the fan output? I'm just trying it out to be sure it works OK for my brisket cook tomorrow, but so far it is looking good. I would recommend it.
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