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OK I may have jumped the gun a little but I still like to post the real world cooking on one of these units so people can see "real life" operation of one.

The story - when I found the unit had turned off I went and checked where it was hooked to the outlet and it was mostly unhooked "I think my kids may have kicked the cord" but after hooking it back up the unit still would not turn on. Me being an auto mechanic by trade for 27 years could not let it rest and I went back to seek out and find the high temp kill switch and I finally found it. There is a black plastic piece on the back of the pellet hopper and as it turns out is simply a cap and when I twisted it hard it came unscrewed to reveal a push button under it and I heard it click when I pushed on it and I turned the unit on and it is now working. My theory is that when the power cord was close to coming unplugged it cause the high temp switch to trip. I am going to run and monitor it for a couple hours meanwhile I have the meat on my Lang and if all looks good I will switch the meat back over to the FEC before I go to bed. I will then get up and check on it a couple times throughout the night to make sure that is all it was. On a good note- Those butts getting a few hours on the Lang is a sure fire way to get smoke in them :)
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