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Here we go again...
Finally got to get some smokin in this weekend.

Here's the DL on the cook:
16 Lb USDA Choice Brisket, trimmed down to 14lbs.
Cooked with a combination of Pecan and Oak Wood.
Temps held between 255-280 throughout cook. Usually was around 265.
Began cook at 2AM. Finished at 2PM.
Seasoned with Salt & Pepper
After Internal Temp hit 165, mopped every hour with a mixture of 4 parts water, 1 part worcestershire, 1/2 part sriracha sauce, 1/2 part tiger sauce.
Wrapped in butcher paper at 190, pulled off at 200.

Notes: I pulled at internal at 200. Brisket was excellent but I think it could have cooked another hour, hour and a half. Flavor was spot on, not over smoked, ran clean CLEAN fire. Passed the bend test though!

Pic of the smoker, running at 2! Temp outside was 50 degrees....sucker runs solid.

Couple of actions shots. First one here is at 145 degrees IT

165 IT

Lastly, 185 degrees

GREAT Bark, glistening fat, incredible.

Lastly, cut up, ready to serve a hungry family!

Thanks for looking!
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