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Originally Posted by MadCity Q
1. Do you think that in combination with other spices/sugars/slathers, the characteristics of each item would be the same, or would they change?
It should be fairly obvious from these results to determine what sugars to avoid with certain spices. Just use white cane sugar as your baseline and go from there. If a different sugar tended to burn a bit, and you mix it with a spice that tended to burn, then they probably won't work well together. However, seeing as how few sugars burned, you aren't likely to get much value out of testing all the sugars with each spice, the results won't vary enough to be meaningful enough in my opinion.
Same kind of principle goes with the slathers. If you look at ketchup, one of it's primary sweeteners is Corn Syrup. If you look at the results of Corn Syrup, it's no surprise that the ketchup turned out like it did.

Originally Posted by MadCity Q
2. How would the burn profiles be at a slightly higher temp of say 275?
I don't know because I haven't tested at those temps, but it would seem logical to assume some of them might start to burn. Next time I get a good amount of time to do some experimenting, I assure you I will be doing more tests. I'll keep everybody posted of course.
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