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Originally Posted by Grimm5577 View Post
Brewing was also a gate way hobby to BBQing for me as well, except that I stopped brewing about a year ago, sold off my 15gal AG brew system and stand as well as most of my other equipment, and turned my keezer back into a freezer so i can store meat in it. I like bbqing more now a days, after a long day of working the fire I can sit back and enjoy my days work, un-like beer where there is at least another month of waiting before you can enjoy the finished product.

That is why you always keep a full pipeline going. My pipeline was so busy back in the day I had a new batch ready to drink every Saturday morning. To be fair though, it did burn a LOT of my time up.

I brew beer as well. I never tried to make mead or wine. I love eating some good que and drinking home brew. Beats drinking BMC all the time.
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