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Default Any of you brew beer?

Beer was actually my gateway to this hobby! About 5 years back (just before the micro-brew explosion) I developed a passion for good beers and wanted to understand more about what separated them from the standard everyday lite beer. What better way to learn than to dive right in and control exactly what your interested in down to the individual grain, hop and yeast? Myself and a buddy continued to develop our skills until we eventually started entering competitions. We never actually placed but we've made several final tables. We turn heads everywhere and never get tired of the "you actually made this" comments.

Because of the length of time that goes into brewing a batch of beer I take it very seriously and want a perfect result every time. I studied the process to great lengths, practiced as frequently as my better half would allow me to and eventually could make beer that would sell in stores.

I never thought I would find another passion like that of brewing beer but here I am on this forum, with a big green egg, 5 bags of wood chunks, and a constant eye on the next accessory I want to purchase and the next meat I want to smoke........

I also roast my own coffee in a pop-lite popcorn popper.......
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