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Found some matches.
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Alright. For turkey day, I got a Maverick dual probe thermometer, and a welding blanket, and some fire bricks (to make a labyrinth in the Weber wok), some cherry wood, standard Kingsford briquets and some hardwood lump charcoal.
Even with new batteries the Maverick lost communication several times.
I started with a non-cured picnic, rubbed with a variety of whatever I pulled out of the cabinet, took the skin off to rub beneath it but laid it back on in the smoker. Low 200's varying a bit trying to hold a little stable. I did get a pretty long burn with the labyrinth and spikes as each bit of wood lit.
The picnic was on from about 5pm Wednesday until 8am - I over slept and the Maverick had lost communication and did not give an alarm as the temperature fell. I moved the pork to the oven and built a new fire for the turkey.
Turkey was brined for 12 hours then let dry in the cold garage for about 20 hours. I had meant to let it warm a bit in the kitchen before putting it in the smoker, but I was late getting up.
I drilled a hole in the top of my smoker and added a SS eye bolt so I could hang the turkey vertical. a bit of SS wire and two skewers to be sure it was strong enough. From 9am until 4pm, stoking the fire to keep it in the upper 200's, I pulled it out when the temp was 175 or 180.
let it rest, then pulled out the picnic and hacked off hunks, then the turkey and ripped it apart.

Mom said she couldn't taste any smoke. Otherwise no complaints!
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