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I'm staring retirement in the face (within the next 1 -2 years) and would also love to give it a shot for some extra income (read, to pay for health insurance, mostly). I just want to do some catering, and maybe a couple of weekends a month of roadside. Anyways, my "plan," if you can call it that, is to have nothing more than a mobile kitchen, which satisfies the HD here for most applications. In other words, I'm only going to jump in with "one foot;" if it works and I like it, I keep it up. If not, I sell out and try something else. There ARE ways to get in to the business without risking the farm, so to speak. My ex and I were in the catering business until she got lazy, and we actually did pretty well, so I do have some knowledge of how things work. I was also working full time at that time. If the catering would have been my full time job, I think it would have been quite enjoyable and even more successful! Being your own boss can be very rewarding in its own right, and your hard work pays off - which is not always the case in corporate America. So yes, it can be worth it! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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