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What Bubba and I are suggesting is to start thinking about big days and days when you have people cleaning as not enough customers to sell to. DO NOT save your pork or brisket for chile and stew and hash, set your self up to use...properly stored you can re-heat as you go...Ribs are harder to reheat, however a broiler or grill works just fine. I can re-heat and serve to you and you will not be able to tell the difference. Yes, fresh is the best however you need to be able to bounce the ball.. I have watched the weather, watched other events in the area, expected a big day , expected a slow day and after 4 years of between the restuarant, vending, catering and 33 years of pig roasts(only a few a year), I have figured out I am not that smart, however what I have learned is to prepare for the best and expect the worse. So, have a freezer empty to fill up.....
I do not want to deter you, actually to ultilize you food for your maximum return, the meat to be used in a sammy not as a filler in other by-products, as this is where you use the scraps not the main meat that will yeild 12 dollars plus a pound. The scrap from the brisket will make great soups and stews, chile etc..
Everytime you store a tray, wrap it like it will be stored and you will be happy nest saturday when you are selling out and need 10 pounds to finnish the day..
I mostly work with limited help so I have to prep a head of time and be ready to go..When I was a memeber of Urban Spoon, we were voted #1 BBQ and I did not cook every night, just monster runs when low..Chicken and ribs got cooked every day, left over racks become back ups or I made up take home specials if I had too many, take home cold and be a hero on your grill
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