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Found some matches.
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Talking To poop, or not to poop?

As I stated in my cattle call intro, which I am sure each one of you read, my trusty reverse flow smoker was stolen recently. Therefore, I am in the market for a new smoker for next comp season. I will be leaving my team to venture on my own and will not have any teammates to lend helping hands. I am hung between to different smokers and would like as much input on these guys as I can get. The two are, and are very different, the REC TEC Pellet Pooper, and the backwoods Chubby. My hope is that I can get more sleep than I did with my old stick burner. I do have a GURU to attach if I get the chubby. I also am hoping that I can cook all 4 categories on one smoker. If not I do have a USD and a WSM for backup, but the goal is to use only one. Please tell me your thoughts and feedback.
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