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Originally Posted by TBASS View Post
That is some mighty fine looking chicken. Would mind sharing more details about the herb butter and baste you used on the chickens. Also, at what temperature did you cook at. I would really like to try this on my Performer. Thanks for sharing.
I took a stick of butter and let it get to room temp and then chopped a couple sprigs each of thyme, rosemary, and sage and stirred it all up in the morning. Gave it a few hours before I put it on the birds. I had a bunch left so after an hour I melted the remainder in the microwave and then basted the taters and birds with it. I had the coals pushed to one side with some fire bricks and did the entire cook indirect at 355 degrees. I don't remember if I said above but the total cook time was 1:45, and even then I could have probably gotten away with 1:30, I was just trying to get a little more color/fat rendering in the skin.
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