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Originally Posted by Uncle JJ View Post
FWIW, I spoke with the meat inspector at the Ga Dept of Agric. he said I'd have to have a licensed meat plant to package and sell the hams. Or an open mobile unit. Or I could co-share an approved facility. Or I could partner with a local retail store/grocery that has a meat license.

In all cases, I'd have to cook at the facility, indoors. So I couldn't use my smoker, unless I move it inside a facility. Also, he said I'm in violation even if I give the hams out as gifts! Apparently, meat inspection is tough in GA.

It's not just GA. That is the way it is in KS as well. Most states follow the Federal guidelines to construct their regs. The Feds have it pretty locked down to where you have to have specific, or multiple, licenses to operate. And in order to be in compliance with these licenses you need specific physical plant, equipment and procedural systems in place. (i.e. more and more capital investment and operating costs)

This is why there are increasing numbers of people taking more risk and operating "under the table" so to speak. We have some folks in our area that are very mobile so that they are hard for the inspectors to find. Too bad it has come to that but I understand their point of view.
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