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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post farkin TEASE!!!
Like a glaze? Dippin sauce? How thick are you talkin? Do you glaze the roast when done or each slice after carving?

Shut the fark up, Donnie!

Usually, I'll take two of the small cartons of heavy cream, about a fourth of a bottle of good red wine and about two or three palms full of black peppercorns. Put that in a saucepan and simmer real low for about an hour. It will thicken to the point of a kind of thin gravy.

After that, I'll S&P the sauce to taste.

To start, maybe use one little carton of heavy cream, 1/8 bottle of decent red wine (the kind you'd actually drink) and a couple palm fulls of peppercorns just to try out first. The longer it simmers, the thicker it gets, the tastier it gets! It do not suck!

Oh, afterwards, I just spoon some over the sliced meat. Or, you could use it as a dipping sauce. Whatever floats you In-N-Out!

Is THAT good enough, Donnie???!!
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