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Originally Posted by superdan View Post
I used all commercial feed. I actually buy it at the grocery store. It's by associated feed called MeatMaker. It runs about 15 bucks for a 50 pound bag.
The piglet was about 6 weeks old and maybe 30 pounds when I got him. The heritage pigs are kinda pricey at $125 but I really like them. I know a guy who sells standard piglets for like $50 that I'll try someday.
They are ready for slaughter at about 6 months old.
Pigs are super easy to do and a short term project!
I'm not sure what's available in your area. I get pig feed special blended from a grain elevator. It runs about $15 for 100lbs. You can have them blend it any way you like.
I also feed scraps, extra eggs from the hens and garden scraps.
Great job on yours! Nothing beats raising your own.
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