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Default new restaurant, timing, ordering, etc.

So i'm in the process of renovating and opening a BBQ place in my hometown. We're trying to nail down our timing, and our quantities. We plan on opening march 1.

Timing wise, we're cooking on 2 fec-120's. So we'll be doing butts and briskets overnight, to come out at 6am and into the alto-shaam. So we'll load up the FEC's at around 4pm and run on 165 for a couple hours to lay down some smoke, then 12 hours at 225. Once the big meats come out, we'll do our smaller stuff, ribs, chicken, daily specials. We also have a spicewine on a trailer out back for when we have to pump out more.

Quantities - we're planning on 3-400 people for opening day. Hoping to continue on at a 250-300 customer a day volume. So, to my best calculations, assuming 1/3lb servings. I'll need about 125-150lbs of cooked product to satisfy that volume. With cooking losses, trimming, snacks, etc, I think 300lbs total uncooked is a good starting point. Split up between butts, briskets and ribs. Our goal is to cook just enough to sell out daily. If there's carry over it can always be used the next day for a bbq chili, or another special of the day.

Any and all input is appreciated.
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