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It's hard to tell from the picture, but fibrous casing that I buy are not that shiny. Could just be the angle of your flash, I don't know. Try to blow air sideways through the casing, if air flows through then so will smoke.

They do look very similar, if you can blow air through them I would use them. Air will pass slowly through them.

EDIT: I believe they will work because they have to let moisture escape and heated air in as part of the cooking process. If moisture escapes, then smoke can enter.

One day or two extra days in the refrigerator will not hurt. You can also move to the lowest part, or the coldest area of the fridge. I often cannot get to complete the task as planned sometimes and have had to wait a day or two before stuffing. The cure slows down when it nears freezing temperatures.

If you didn't want to wait, most sporting goods stores carry Hi-Mountian Cures. You could buy the kits use the casings and save the cure until the ordered casings arrive and then process another batch later. Each box will cure about 30 pounds of meat (10 3lb casings).

Although the casings do not require refrigeration, I keep them with my hog casings in the refrigerator to make sure they are fresh and don't get misplaced.
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