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Originally Posted by jasonjax View Post
Very interesting.

I too have an FEC-100 I use for competitions occasionally and doing some cooking for the masses for my son's cub scouts etc.

You can put a battery backup UPS of some sort on to handle the electrical issues. Just make sure it can handle the amperage draw and for how many hours you'd like to be covered. If the 120 is much like the 100 it will draw very little amperage after igniting the pellets. I'm thinking 1/2 amp or so based off my memory.

I really like this thread, and hope you post some more as you use it more. One modification I made to my FEC-100, which I don't think would work for the 120 is a small grate of expanded metal attached to the outer side of the firebox for me to add wood chunks for more smoke.
Oh, man, this is great! Exactly how did you attach the metal to the firebox? That's the only problem I have with my to get more smoke flavor! Thanks in advance! Oh, and do you just hang the chunk slightly over the firebox to get it started?
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