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Originally Posted by cmwr View Post
Thanks I bought some synthetic casings from my local locker today but he said smoke would not penetrate them. He used liquid smoke. Thats not what I wanted to hear. I think I may just make logs and put them on my electric smoker over hickory. I went 3 lbs venison and 2 lbs pork trimmings. It is curing in fridge right now.
That's a good mix, the reason for the pork is the fat content. Pork butts work great with the fat cap included.

If they are synthetic fibrous casings, or cellulose casing smoke will penetrate them, but if they are solid sheets he is probably right.

You can order casings ahead of time and keep in the refrigerator until needed.

Another thing you can try is to cold smoke the meat (no heat) in shallow trays for 4 hours before you give a final mix and stuff into casings. Then bring the smoker to temperature. It is a little extra work, but the logs will also work out fine for you.

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