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I have an FEC 100 that I use for competition cooking. Just a couple of comments from my experience that you might find helpful:

Foil the bottom of your cooker with each use. Put multiple layers of foil. MAKE SURE YOU POKE THE DRAIN HOLE THROUGH THE FOIL. And if you find the need to make a big increase in temperature, you can just pull off the top layer of foil and you have a clean cooker right in the middle of the process and only had the door open for a few seconds. Aside from making the cooker easier to clean, it will reduce your risk of grease fires.

To increase the smoke flavor, you can start off big meats at 180 degrees for 6 or 8 hours. The pellets do not burn as efficiently at the low temp, and put off more smoke. Competition cooks will often go 6 to 10 hours at 180 to 190, then wrap the meat and bump the heat up to mid 200s. (Remember, this is the FEC100 I am talking about, you may have to adjust your results.)

Are you opening the door much? If so, that explains your pellet use. When you open that door you loose a HUGE amount of BTUs that must be replaced. After you learn your cooker, stay out of it.

All pellets are not created equal. Stay away from Traeger, no matter how cheap they look. Mostly filler wood, less BTUs, less smoke. It takes more pellets to cook and impart less flavor.
I hear lot of good things about BBQ Delight, but I have not used them yet. I bought a large stash of 100% hickory (no filler woods) from Fast Eddy last time I was in Kansas City. I also hear good things about
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