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1st here let me say that I am keeping this post going and loading it with info on the FEC120 because I found as a caterer a lack of detailed info on the unit other than "it's great" and I want other caterers who are interested in it to be able to see some real life cooking info on the unit.

I had cook last night for a drop off today, we had a blizzard of an ice storm that started yesterday morning. I had some worries about cooking with a down pour of sleet and ice. I went out at 8pm last night to start the FEC, I had a cover over it but for a brief time yesterday it blew off. So when I went to turn the unit on the switch was frozen with ice, I laid my hand over the switch for 30 seconds and this gave me enough heat to thaw the switch to turn the unit on. Then I went to open the firebox door and it was frozen shut and I wanted to make sure the fire started so I went in the house and grabbed a hair dryer to thaw out the door. By the time I got back out side I could see the smoke rolling and the heat from the fire had thawed the door. I did have to heat the slam latch to get all the ice off of it because it was frozen and would not latch the firebox door. I went back inside for 30 minutes and the temp came up to 220* and I put the butts on. About 6am this morning my tv went to a snowy picture (I left it on so I would know if the power went out) The unit had reset and stopped cooking so I had to reset it, all went well after that and butts came off at 9am. So far I will say the unit uses closer to 1lb of pellets per hour and not the 1/2lb that is listed in the specs unless warmer weather will make a difference (I'm sure it wont hurt). One issue that I do not like and I am going to have to put a safe guard in place for is that if the electricity does go off and come back on the unit defaults and stops cooking. So if I went to bed with 150lbs of meat on and the electricity went out at 1am for a minute I would wake up at 7am with a huge problem. I am going to rig up my Maverick and get an alarm to put in my bedroom that plugs in a wall outlet and sounds an alarm if power is interrupted. I found a great deal on the Chargriller Pellets and have used them the past 2 cookings and they seem to be working as good as the Cookshack Pellets and with shipping they were half the price.
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