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Originally Posted by cmwr View Post
Thanks guys I appreciate the tips. I have never made it before. I got one question though. I see lots that are just saying form into logs. They don't even mention stuffing into a casing. Does it matter? Will this affect the flavor? I just cannot ever recall eating someone elses summer sausage that was just a big ball of "meatloaf" so to speak lol. Seems as if they always had a casing you peeled away.

One other thing what if I just wanted to use straight venison without mixing beef or pork?
I have seem people shape into logs because they do not want to stuff into casings. You do loose some fat which might slightly effect flavor, but not enough to worry about. Undoubtedly the stuffed casing is a much nicer presentation of the product than a hand formed roll or loaf. It is not hard or difficult to stuff into a larger 61 mm casing.

As far as using straight venison, keep in mind that it is very lean, and the addition of pork and beef will add fat into the mix to allow the sausage gain flavor from the mix.

On an ending note... Be sure you use TenderQuick or some type of cure to prevent food borne illnesses.. TenderQuick, Prague Powder #1, and Pink Salt #1 are NOT interchangeable....!!!!! Use the curing product according to directions. TenderQuick is the easiest product to use for a beginner.

Also check out The Sausage Maker. in Buffalo, NY. They sell spice and casing kits, even stuffers.

If you register here you get a $10.00 off coupon on your first order. You can use the coupon on-line today if you want.

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